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06 May

On my anniversary (March 2015), I received the bill from NYU for storage. I called in to pay the bill and my eggs are safe and sound. (I’m unsure what NYU’s procedure would be if the person did not pay for storage but I did not want to risk it.) Someone finally called me back and informed me that they were changing their billing system.This year on my anniversary (March 2016), I was expecting the bill for storage. There was an issue and it would be resolved before April.Food compounds interact with one another and we’re only just starting to understand this better now.Again, getting a varied diet will help you to get some of everything you need.If you’re treating your food like medicine, holding your nose and shoving it in, or in a less extreme version, dutifully eating your “healthy” food but wishing you were having something else instead, you’re doing your body and your mind a disservice.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen food-as-medicine go wrong on too many occasions.One of my patients (a meat-eater) with MS was told by his doctor to go vegan to help manage his disease (for which there is some evidence).He did so, then gained 50 pounds and developed elevated off-the-charts triglycerides.I know Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” and back then that made sense when they didn’t have a lot of actual medicines.But now we’ve got another problem which is a world full of disordered eating, so maybe it’s time to back off this food-as-medicine idea for a while. Give us a review on i Tunes if you like us — this helps to spread the non-diet love to more people.