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11 May

He said “One night, she turned up late to a party and saw me getting with another girl, and that sort of stamped it out.We don’t talk any more.” But in this weird, confusing relationship-but-not-relationship situation, it’s hard to not catch feelings.“They always start as a one night stand,” says my friend Tommy, who’s recently come out of one.“We met at a house party through a friend, and went back to hers and slept together.

Dating expert Kezia Noble believes it evolved from the one night stand: “The ‘several night stand’ is something that has been going on for a long time, but it’s just been given a new name.” While she believes they all start with good intentions, things quickly change into something else.

While it’s presented as casual, you’ll kiss, watch movies, hold hands and have really intense sex, but can go weeks without speaking.

Described by Maria Yagoda for Broadly, it’s “a casual recurring hookup situation that mimics a relationship but is definitely NOT a relationship because one party recently got out of something long-term or is not looking for anything serious right now or wants to keep doing this without a label?

We both enjoyed it, and we both left it with no real plans to see each other again.

The thing is, we’d see each other every month or so at an event our mutual friend had invited both of us to, and every time that happened we’d end up getting drunk and flirting and, eventually, sleeping together again.