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12 Dec

Sookie plans a beautiful town celebration for Lorelai and Max' engagement.

After realizing that Mia wants to sell the Independence Inn, Lorelai freaks out on Sookie, without telling Sookie why, about the uncertainty of their future, now that going into business for themselves is not only a dream but has to work.

They quickly reconcile when Lorelai confides in Sookie what set off her freak-out.

After Kirk wins Sookie's basket at the annual charity basket auction, Jackson reveals why he did not bid – he was hinting to Sookie to move in together.

No one ever saw it, but I just felt it was good for the character.”That’s right: in addition to what she remembers as more than 50 bow ties (one screen-printed with the Yale logo), Maben sewed a little “RG” into every one of Herrmann’s suits.

Though some of his shirts were purchased, the majority of them were custom made.

When first introduced Sookie is the chef at the Independence Inn, vehemently perfectionist with her food creations, and tends to create havoc in the kitchen when she is in top form.Sookie is mostly focused on her passion – her work at the Inn and spends her free time with Lorelai, and coming up with new and exciting recipes.Sookie's competitive streak with Luke is first seen when both cater food to the wake of Babette and Morey's cat Cinnamon.She doesn’t have time to dress the part, so to speak.” So Lorelai accompanies Rory to the prestigious Chilton Academy clad in a grab-bag of mismatched clothing: cutoff jean shorts, cowboy boots, a tie-dyed pink midriff-shirt. “Instead of just having on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, it's a little more funny,” explains Maben, “and it says a lot about her character, too.”The costume designer, who worked on all seven seasons of the show—and, most recently, its Netflix reboot—says that she and her team figured out how to dress the entire town of Stars Hollow in exactly the same way: by basing their costumes on each character’s often quirky personality.Thanks to the show’s creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, those characters came to them fully formed.