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12 Jan

Russia's withdrawal from the International Criminal Court was met internationally with a muted lack of surprise.The Assad regime, with Russian support, are taking back Aleppo.There was also a digital fingerprint left behind in the Cyrillic alphabet, not unlike one left during a cyber attack on a French media network in 2015.The White House is convinced enough of the evidence that on Thursday, its press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters he believed "the senior-most government official in Russia" was directly behind the cyber attacks.You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?

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Although President Obama has asserted that the Russians did not use the stolen documents and leaked emails in a particularly "fancy" way, the hacking itself was highly sophisticated.These use a diverse range of transmission vectors and attack techniques, with the aim of stealthy intrusions, so that the attack can go unidentified and untraced for as long as possible.The first cyberunit, "Cozy Bear", never published any documents, but is believed to have maintained a low profile presence inside the networks of various US political bodies, including that of the DNC, for months.As the White House commented last Friday, there were even intrusions into the 2008 election campaigns.The difference in this case is that the "intelligence community made very clear that this was activity directed by the highest levels of the Russian government".