Planetside players not updating

21 Mar

Rather, it's the result of a drive from the developers and an expectation from players."It's pressure not necessarily from Sony, it's pressure from us and from the players," Higby said.

"When a new console comes out and it's these five new kick-ass features, players want games that take advantage of that kind of stuff, so that they can see what it is.

"Being able to have that touchscreen on there, it gives us the option to be able to allow players to activate that and navigate that way too - take a few shortcuts if they want to, which is really cool."I'm pretty excited about that because I feel like it kind of gives you the best of both worlds, of being able to quickly select stuff, or, if you want to have some more advanced drag and drop.

Drag and drop on a console's very hard to do, but with a touchpad where you can drag stuff it's brilliant."Utilising these new features is not the result of pressure from the higher ups at Sony, Higby insisted.

"In terms of things like the light bar I'm not sure exactly how we're going to use it.

Either being able to navigate the map, or set missions and stuff on your Vita."He added: "You know we have i OS and Android apps right now that have some pretty cool functionality that allows you to see the map changing in real time, allows you to use VOIP via the application, so all these things are totally fair game for us to developer a Vita app to do to.You peer through the scope of your bolt-action sniper rifle toward the enemy facility ahead.Moments ago, your scope was littered with targets, but now many have retreated within the safety of their walls."It's not like Sony coming down and saying, 'Hey guys, use the light bar in the game.' It's all of us being excited about it as a new thing.If you're a game designer, you're always looking at what tools the players have available, and what cool stuff you can do with it."When you get some new piece of hardware, our eyes light up too...