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29 Mar

Habits of Belarusian females will be pretty close to these of other Slavic women: feminine fashion, early marriages, seeing their primary role as a mother and a wife.

Desire to be loved is not any improbable privilege.

The country historically has been an area of interaction, as well as competition and conflict, between Russian Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism.

Repression under the Russian and Soviet empires resulted in a shift from the Greek Rite Catholic Church to the Orthodox Church as the majority religion, and a culture that is largely secular in orientation.

Belarus girls are forced to search for men abroad through unfavourable gender ratios: 87 men to 100 women.

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You never hear much about Belarus, with the total population being only about 9.5 million (among them just over 5 million women).

Whether it was, is or will soon be, no matter whether the close, the main thing - these women are really changing lives, and men themselves, too.

These women are sick, they always remember, compare them with the rest. So I was a woman)))) I am n..." "Most importantly, I would like to tell you about myself, so that's what I'm a normal girl with a bright and clean heart and soul. Never pretend to be someone else and never build yourself that what I am not.

"In the past, I am a professional athlete, master of sports in gymnastics, I like astrology, yoga, literature, I do not like lying on the couch, I love traveling, no matter where) There is a son, 5 years old, living with me. I'm looking for the same active man, independent and self-confident, without bad habits." "I am here to find a long-term relationship.

To be faithful friend and reliable partner, inspiring woman and heart keeper, and to share my love and happiness with the right man.