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27 Feb

Though it isn't as good as Ultimate Contest, it is good for two or three hours of play.

It's when you've finished both Ultimate Contest and Hero's History (about six hours) that Ultimate Ninja 3 starts to die on you.

The shuriken-tossing game misses its mark the worst: Targets pop up in a field with button symbols on their chests, and you have to hit the corresponding button faster than your opponent.

But the best thing about it isn't repeatedly bopping snakes with a hammer, but rather all the money you get for doing so (since Whack-A-Snake is a casino game). In the third round of the competition, when the only thing left for you to do is challenge your rival, you can walk around talking to people.

And you'll want all the money you can muster in order to buy high-priced gifts for all the characters you encounter. Or, if you have gifts they might like, you can give it to them.

As you travel around the village you can destroy pots and crates to find money, and collect scrolls that spawn after each completed quest.

Money buys all sorts of things, and scrolls by the items you'll need to unlock new jutsus.