Sex chat between boy

19 Mar

Having a romantic conversation with your partner can increase your bond and reignite the spark that attracted you to each other in the first place.

From MSN and many other sites: April 17 Guangzhou daily reports, the day before yesterday noon, this voice recording of a phone conversation between a boy and a girl both were post-90 appeared on the BBS. What is shocking to the netizens is, the girl knowing this boy does not like her, only wants to have sex with her, she still agrees to meet up after 4 minutes of conversation.

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F: I can’t M: Then why are you calling me to try to get with me? In this conversation, the girl shows affections towards the boy, but the boy only asks the girl to have sex with him. F: Hello M: Hello, Hello F: Hello, there is no reason M: I said, I took her virginity F: I know M: You know? ok, Tuesday come back and let me f* you F: No, I can’t M: What? M: I think you are prettier with the pony tail, better than your hair down F: Oh, I know M: You are prettier with pony tail… F: yes M: then it’s ok, let me f* F: Can’t that day, you understand?