Who is tonto dikeh dating

04 Mar

Recall that the actress, in a bid to shield her relationship from public glare, intentionally did not reveal the identity of her new boyfriend, after being jilted by her former boyfriend, Michael Awujoola.Awujoola, popularly known as Malivelihood, has obviously moved on as he is now with a senator's daughter, Deola Smart.Social media was still a new animal that they had not yet understood.It’s because of this that Wizkid and Tonto Dike’s love (or lust? It has a myth-like quality- a story that we have heard but there is little evidence backing it up.To further prove that he was married, his wedding photos from 2012 surfaced on the internet.His real name was also revealed to be Churchill Lanre Oladunni. READ ALSO: Tonto Dikeh And D'banj Are Up To Something New Tonto, however, took to her Instagram page today to say this to her haters: I STOPPED CARING ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THOUGHT OF ME YEARS AGO*THOUGHTS CHANGE, FEELINGS CHANGE BUT THANK GOD THAT JESUS IS CONSISTENT YESTERDAY, TODAY & FOREVER* BE FREE FROM PEOPLE'S EVER CHANGING THOUGHTS ABOUT YOU*ITS ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON THEIR TODAY & TOMMORROW FEELINGS**JUST ANOTHER REASON TO BE FREE FROM PEOPLES BONDAGE. it's ok, TOMMORROW IS A NEW DAY.#HAPPY NEW MONTH SWEETHEARTS"Apparently, the actress is not bothered by all the gossip and abuse from her fans for dating a married man.Yes Tonto Dikeh had an affair with Wizkid even though till today both of them have never confirmed this story.

It’s a make believe story to falsify what the duo have going on.Dikeh says that after her second movie Holy Cross, more movie directors and producers were willing to cast her, and she has appeared in scores of movies since.Dikeh's role in the movie Dirty Secret has generated controversy amongst Nigerians, because the movie contains nude scenes.Any record of Wizkid and Tonto Dikeh dating on the Internet is rare or rarely exists.It seems both parties did their best to keep things away from the public.