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20 Dec

You ever see how much they charge for those candy bouquets?I always liked the idea of selling customized greeting cards, with messages like "Really sorry I barfed in your car last night." Dream big.This is all assuming he is a sociopath, which unless he has admitted to being a sociopath, he very well may not be.I've mentioned this before, but in love relationships, if sociopaths are truly committed/invested in the relationship (i.e.not just seducing, ruining, or gaming), they are very childlike.They love seflishly like a child, they can by petty like a child, they are emotionally superficial like a child, they are self-centered like a child.A drinking buddy once bought a lot of quality, brand new office chairs from a Craigslist ad posted by a company that had just gone under, and resold them individually at a profit of K.

The last year we promote it outside of our circle of friends and crammed hundreds of people into our small duplex.

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Back in college, we had a yearly Goat Day party where we bought a small goat at auction and hung out with it while we drank.