Intimidating soccer goalie jersey

05 Dec

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My family has had the privilege of watching our oldest son be a valued contributor on the varsity football, basketball and JV baseball teams at this school.

, I agree with, and wish coaches took these things into account more often. Some athletes’ roles are to be the Scout players: the ones in practice who play hard against the first string. Without the Scout team, the team would not succeed. And it’s even harder to get playing time when your athlete attends the largest school in the state with extremely talented athletes everywhere.

It is my belief and understanding that each athlete soon knows his role on the team. They are an important and integral part of the team. Our athletes are truly looking to us, their parents, to support them in their role on the team. What scares them, is worrying how we, their parents, will handle their role on the team. Honestly, we understand that it can be frustrating to think your kid should be playing when he is not. When it happened to our son, we resisted the urge to call the coaches ourselves.

We have never called a coach to complain about playing time.

We did, however, encourage our son to respectfully ask the coaches (at the appropriate time) how he could improve enough to get a chance to play. ” These are respectful, good questions for your to ask his coach.