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Piers Nivans was a combat operative for the North American Branch of the BSAA, assigned to the SOU (Special Operations Unit).Nivans served under Captain Chris Redfield during the investigation into the incident at the Marhawa School; the 2012 Edonian Civil War and the 2013 campaign in China.The Automated Victim Notification (AVN) System allows crime victims throughout Illinois to obtain timely and reliable information about criminal cases and the custody status of offenders 24 hours a day via telephone, Web, or e-mail.The Statewide Victim Assistance Program provides services to crime victims and witnesses whose cases are prosecuted by the Office of the Attorney General, including Sexually Violent Persons petitions.Despite warnings from agent Birkin that Jake posed no threat to the BSAA or their mission, Piers was angered by Jake when the latter made a threatening remark towards them.They soon were confronted by the infected liberation soldiers and two Ogroman.Programs administered by the Crime Victim Services Division include: The Illinois Crime Victim Compensation Program provides direct financial assistance to innocent victims of violent crime to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses related to the crime.The Domestic Violence Fund provides funding for legal advocacy, legal assistance, and legal services to victims of domestic violence who are or have been married or in a civil union.

Workshops, Training & Conferences: Check out upcoming workshops, trainings, and conferences providing resources and information to assist and support crime victims in Illinois.

At some point during his tenure in BSAA, Piers had a chance to meet Claire Redfield, Chris' sister and a member of the Terra Save organization.

He once sent an e-mail to Claire, asking if she had any photos of a younger Chris Redfield.

In December 2012, the BSAA took part in crushing the Edonian Liberation Army after they began using the C-Virus during their war; Piers served in the North American Alpha Team alongside Captain Chris Redfield; Ben Airhart; Carl Alfonso; Finn Macauley and Andy Walker.

At one point, the team came across uninfected ELA mercenary Jake Muller and Federal agent Sherry Birkin, during which Piers noted Jake's affiliation with the insurgents they were fighting.