Blind guy dating movie trailer

30 Apr

A new trailer allegedly for a Friends movie circulated on the internet over the weekend - sending fans into an excited flurry wondering, could it be?

Since the show that started Jennifer Aniston's career went off the air in 2004 - fans have been hoping it would return for reunion season or movie - like Sex and the City did in 2008.

Blindspot debuted in fall 2015, emerging as a ratings winner that season, promoting (with visual intrigue,) the mystery connected to the tattoos covering the naked body of Jaimie Alexander’s amnesia-afflicted Jane Doe (or, Alice "Remi" Kruger).

Yet, the crime/action series heads into Season 3 with a new time slot, most of its original questions already answered and its primary villain (Michelle Hurd’s Shepherd,) now neutralized.

The three-minute trailer released by the channel Smasher is done so well that, even though it's a fake, fans went wild, convinced it was the real deal.

The video, titled 'The One With The Reunion', even has a convincingly deep voice-over like many other movie trailers.

He previously fielded guest spots on shows such as Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Drop Dead Diva, Elementary, CSI, NCIS, Numb3rs and Medium and also co-starred in the 2017 TV movie The Haunted, alongside Lyndsy Fonesca and Liam Mc Intyre. The recent cancellation of Syfy’s Dark Matter now stands as Blindspot’s gain.

Anthony Lemke joins Blindspot Season 3 for a recurring role, reports EW.

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The character will debut in the ninth episode of the season.

In another scene Joey, played by Matt Le Blanc, and Ross, played by David Schwimmer, reconnect at a party, and in the next scene Monica and Rachel bond on their front stoop.

And in just two days it clocked roughly three millions views You Tube.

Besides a wide array of guest spots, he’s previously fielded TV runs on shows such as Good Witch, 19-2, The Listener and Blue Mountain State, along with film roles in 2013’s White House Down and 2000’s American Psycho.

Tori Anderson joins Blindspot Season 3 for a recurring role, reports EW.