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13 Apr

I assumed as soon as he had made his promises of not lying to me or hurting me or treating me badly, he was on the hunt for the next person to bed. We are both in our mid 50’s so it was devestating for me as you do not expect to be treated in such a way at my time of life.

I felt guilt for having given in to his advances so soon but he knew exactly what to say to make me feel ‘safe’.

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Two days later I noticed he had logged back into the dating site but had not looked at my profile.He was quite amourous but I put him off until a few dates later where I cooked dinner for him. I felt safe with him knowing he had said he wouldnt lie to me and he told me I was amazing in bed.He satyed the night and was happy in the morning and we made love again.He sadi he would never treat me bady, hurt me or lie to me and said i was perfect for him in many ways.We had a couple of dates and he said he could fall for me in a big way.