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11 Feb

Then Monica screamed in ecstasy as she too came causing Jimmy to grunt and shoot his seed into her pussy. 'I can't wait for round two of that delightful cock of yours. ' 'Yes lets,' the older woman replied then pulled Jimmy's face to hers and kissed him deep on the lips while she carried on stroking his cock.The two women flopped either side of him on the bed as they all fought to get their breath back. When she released his face Monica dragged it over to her and did the same whilst rubbing his balls and around to his little hole causing Jimmy to shudder. Each week, this page is updated with a gallery from a recent photo shoot featuring a stunning model showcasing our hottest bikinis.You never know which models or bikinis you might find from one week to the next, so be sure to check back often!

Miss Hindmarsh jumped off the bed and Monica laid back in the centre and opened her legs.

Julia turned around and draped herself over the arm of the leather sofa pulling up her skirt to show Jimmy her pantyless arse framed by black silk stockings and a black silk suspender belt. Her juices shot out of her pussy and soiled the arm of the leather sofa. Don't you dare pull out.' She begged as she milked him with her vaginal walls. I need you to do something.' she said reaching down into the sofa. 'Here,' she said as she handed him a pair of full silky black panties. ' Lots of questions went through his mind but it was too late as he stood on the other side of the street looking over at a three storey Victorian townhouse.

'Pull these on me but make sure none of your cum escapes! He walked up the steps to the front door and as there wasn't a bell he used the heavy wrought iron knocker. Early sixties, tall and slim with short gray hair and immaculately dressed in a figure hugging lilac woolen dress that accentuated her breasts and clung to her hips.

She also had lilac nail polish to compliment her look. Her long shiny black hair cascaded around her shoulders. Her full lips were painted a deep red colour and showed off her dazzling white smile. ' Miss Hindmarsh walked away and returned with a glass of water and a single Viagra. Let's try the next one.' Again the pain shot through him.

Jimmy couldn't see her toes as they were encased in a pair of lilac three inch heels although he noticed her hose was also lilac. 'Do follow me to the sitting room,' she said in a very cultured voice. We have so been looking forward to you visiting us.; She could see the perplexed look on Jimmy's face. Jimmy looked over at her voluptuous body adorned by a long black lace see through Peignoir showing off her huge naked breasts and a mass of black curls between her thighs. 'Monica is an old friend of mine who is staying with me,' explained Miss Hindmarsh. ' She reached over and took hold of it once again causing Jimmy to moan. 'We must do something about this before you see Monica. 'Take this it should work by the time I've finished with you. I want your bottom a lovely shade of red.' Jimmy felt her trail the cool leather strap over his buttocks and thighs as he lay hunched over the chair arm. He was sure his cock was going to explode all by itself. ' Jimmy could only nod as he awaited more of the same.