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29 Dec

You are definitely what I call a Pathetic Loser with a capital “L” on your forehead.

Having a small dick just makes the situation more entertaining just for Me to humiliate you and tease you and deny you the right to cum.

Could you make me feel more pathetic to serve you Angel?

, First off it’s Princess Angel to you show Me that respect.

He fell in love with the feeling of my nails running down his back causing scars from my nails. I seen the pictures you sent of your mother and she is one beautiful lady and she looks like the type that I know would be easy to draw her into your unconscious mind and soul with my hypnosis session.

I just need you to be a willing participate and be very in tuned to my voice and my instructions for your fantasy to come real for you.

A lot have this fetish because they never got that TLC as a baby and now need it now more then ever.

Stating the obvious and being honest come naturally. Whether the humiliation is for a small penis or whether it is just because you are a loser in general. And I am happy to have you send moneyand gifts to reinforce how stupid you are.It’s time to confess your sinful erotic thoughts on us and indulge in your sinful pleasures.Dear Therapist Judy, Ok this is what I am looking for in my phone call with you.I am basically looking for a “Special Mommy” figure to help me with my fetish. Not the kind that just wants sex with their Mommy, a real Mommy that can diaper me whenever I wet or dirty up my diapers and then play with me with nurturing playtime.Yes I will get turned on with you talking baby talk to me and treat me like a true “Adult Baby”. , I am so glad you looked me up and I can feel you must have read my profile seeing that I deal with Mommy fantasies and Adult Babies. In fact I love the ones that just need a Mommy figure to comfort them and love them and nurture them to feel like a baby again.