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22 Mar

As soon as I get my licence, I will publish a tribute on your site. Submitted by jennifer on: February 10, 2018 Subject: gas money, restoration of finances Comments: St.

Do this for me with love and honour, dear Mighty Warrior of God. Expedite I humbly come to you for assistance with finding gas money for the rest of the month.

You can also send us an email with your thanks, and we will put it on our Tribute Page. and surrounding areas Comments: Dear Saint Expedite and clergy members, Please allow bestfriend Luis C. Submitted by Guy on: February 10, 2018 Subject: Prayers Comments: Please, receive my modest donation and continue to pray Saint Expedite for my intentions.

No more rejections, may the nej sayers become Ja sayers.

But please remember, when he grants you your wish, you must spread his name.

A public thank you is necessary to complete the transaction, that is a sign of respect and gratitude. He needs this work to be able to earn an income to help pay his rent and bills. Submitted by Maria on: February 12, 2018 Subject: Successful Medical Procedures/Surgery, Quick & Complete Recovery, & Favourable Results Comments: Please pray that the hysteroscopy and other possible medical procedures (e.g., polypectomy, D & C, etc.) that I will go through on Thursday, February 15th, will be safe, smooth, painless, and successful. Submitted by Marion W on: February 11, 2018 Subject: Health Healing Comments: St.

Submitted by Jerome on: February 10, 2018 Subject: Help change my bad Luck Comments: Dear Saint Expedite, the last few months everything has been going wrong for me. I ask you to please intercede for me via Mary who has the power to give me a couple of days of work.

I feel she has given up on helping me despite being a good worker.