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09 Apr

Service, gretsch Round Badge and Millennium Maple th bass drum heads are clear and the classic Gretsch Drums logo is in offset position on the resonant head.

AKG C12Aapos 4 toms from the 70s and a custom shop snare.

You can play anything on them and it will sound just right!

I use this as my main kit but it could also be a great gigging kit if you're a person with multiple kits. This set is miles and miles beyond any other under 00. The custom Gretsch/Evans heads that come on it are amazing, not some cheap factory heads.

Bass drums include telescopic bass drum spurs and matching wood bass drum hoops. All drums are fitted with Remo drum heads, including coated batters and clear resonant on toms/snare and clear bass drum batter head with muffle ring.I will die a little inside when I have to replace them. I use this kit for a warm sound in acoustic sets, and in my teaching studio for my shorter students. I bought this kit back in November 2010 and I have not been disappointed. I have played in small clubs to large halls and it has always delivered. Both tom holders include a post hole for a 7/8″ cymbal tube post (not included).The ball/socket 12.7mm L-arms provide positioning freedom and a secure hold for stability.