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24 Apr

Rightist- Sanskritik culture- unification across diversities. Gandhiji-wanted a unified nationalism-not a hindu muslim nationalism- love brotherhood among people of all sections.

Grassroot development is the need- decentralised movements for their needs and demands- to accomodate Indian nationalism.

Vivekananda- Indian culture has solutions for all the problems of the world.

Rajaram Mohan Roy- Indian culture-degradation by dogmas and false believes- welcome British- to modernsise it.

Tradition and modernity in dialectical relationship- can modernity effect is same across traditions-can modernity and tradition share same set of attributes.

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Abhijit Pathak- Indian intelligentia accepted modernity with scepticism-from Dayanand Saraswati to Gandhi and Nehru Anglo Sanksritik education.

Colonial: Zamindari system- trade monopoly- destruction of SSI and artisans.

Post Colonial: Green Revolution-PRIs-landlessness and Naxalite movement-Policies in interests of the rich industrial houses-12 families and 80% of the industries.

Immanuel Kant- modernity spirit of human reason-away from dogmas,superstitions,myths.

Comte and Spenser- modernity-industrialistion-emotions,ritualism and orthodoxy are replaced by law,rationality,growth,technological development and rise of inclusive society.