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24 Mar

The AFQT is made up of your test results from the Mathematics Knowledge, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and Arithmetic Reasoning subtests.For the purposes of this article, “AFQT” and “ASVAB” are used interchangeably because the minimum AFQT score military requirements are often called the ASVAB score.

Your recruiter may not be able to process you and may ask you to return when you get a score of 50 or higher.ASVAB Score – Recruits must get a minimal score of 32 on the ASVAB to join the Marine Corps.There are very few exceptions are created (about 1%) for some extremely talented recruits that have skills in certain areas the Marine Corps is seeking, but only make a minimum AFQT score of 25.Only about 1/2 of 1%, or 0.5%, of all annual Air Force enlistments have only a GED.If a GED holder is trying to enlist, that person must score a 65 or higher on the AFQT.