Wichita dating

16 Dec

So while that may not mean glitz and glamour, it does mean they aren’t afraid to get down and dirty and know how to use their own two hands as Mr. Your love will take you by the hand to explore the great outdoors—so hopefully you don’t mind getting a little mud on your boots.

Fancy dinner dates mean you’re probably not comfortable yet with your romantic partner.

Your Wichita date would have to try not to look darn good in their favorite fashion item: the Stetson.

Wichitan locals are adventurous eaters, so even if you’re a pizza and burgers kind of woman or man, they’ll charm you into scarfing down some Rocky Mountain Oysters before the end of your date.

Your date night out should always be capped with a taste of delicious coffee and gelato, but your Wichita date knows that you can also enjoy the spiritual, peaceful atmosphere of Mead’s Corner for that treat.

The one can’t-miss event of the year for Wichitans is Riverfest, nine whole days of killer music and enough adventure, like zip lining and helicopter rides, to make your heart beat faster—though the romance after the sun goes down will make it go pitter pat, too.

This place discriminates against motorcycle club members.

If you are part of the local motorcycle community, you should go spend your money somewhere that you're appreciated.