When did online dating begin datingsite in usa

07 Dec

"Online cheating—without any physical contact—is the most damaging type of infidelity," says Orlando.Becoming emotionally invested in another person means you've likely checked out of your marriage."My first husband cheated on me with a childhood friend," says Diane* from New York City."His family was close to her family, so they never lost touch." Intimacy expert Mary Jo Rapini explains, "A lot of women think that all cheating women are floozies—not true.Be on the lookout for the switch to flip off again."After the affair is solid, he may begin to pull away," says Rapini. According to a Rutgers University study, 56% of men who have affairs claim to be happy in their marriages.

He explains women are more likely to cheat for emotional satisfaction.

The relationships are usually friendships first." In fact, more than 60% of affairs start at work, according to Focus on the Family.

A good idea: Make sure your husband feels more connected to you than to his business partner.

Brosh, the jilted celebrities were likely doing the same thing: choosing what they could live with for the sake of their kids or to avoid humiliation and the fallout.

Fact #8: A couple will never work it out when the husband is in the midst of an affair.