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22 Dec

Obviously, your fans can't attend "My Disc Drops on May 23," but RSVPing "Yes" makes it more likely that they will, in fact, buy it when it drops.

"Facebook can be a very important tool to build awareness around sales of music, ticket sales, merchandise, etc., but fans will tune out if they're constantly being asked to open their wallets," warns Grosovsky. If you post a "buy" link to your new album at 3 p.m., it will still be there at 4 p.m. Instead, keep up a dialogue with fans that reminds them why they love your music, which will impel them to shell out the cash for a show or merch.

Barasch recommends using a "like" gate as a mechanism for distributing content like videos and downloads.

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You can use the tool to ask yes-or-no questions ("Should we add Arkansas to our tour schedule?

So you just joined Facebook and have a grand total of 50 fans (44 of which are your extended family).

Well, you know how you can hook new fans by opening for another band on stage? "We have some bands that have Facebook Pages that grow really slowly, so we try to reach out to other artists who they have a relationship with, and that tends to drive those 'likes' up," says Allison Schlueter, VP of digital marketing at Island Def Jam Music Group.

"Any time an artist does any kind of status update, include a photo, because a photo speaks volumes," says Doug Barasch, director of new media at Verve Music/Universal Music.

"Or include a video clip, if you have a camera." Photos and video are much more dynamic content than just text, and fans are much more likely to comment on and "like" updates that they find compelling. Maybe because all of your followers might not necessarily be fans of the venue in question. "Artists really need to take advantage of Events," says Barasch.