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25 Mar

More than 1,000 people came to the memorial service honoring the former altar boy.After high school, Slivinski spent four years with the Marines, then joined his father in the fire department.From Day 1, Slivinski was going to be featured on the cover, not only because he was strikingly handsome, with china-blue eyes, thick wavy hair, an easy smile and a buff body. Philadelphia” also would represent the city where Benjamin Franklin started the nation’s first volunteer fire department.But his high-profile role had unanticipated consequences.

“He knew his cousin had come out here in ’82,” said Jensen, a longtime member of the Green River Task Force.Relatives in New York state had already assumed that she had died at the hands of Gary Ridgway, just like dozens of prostitutes who worked in the Seattle area in the early 1980s.But it wasn’t until April that Major’s cousin called the King County Sheriff’s Office after seeing a Lifetime channel movie about Ridgway, who was dubbed the Green River Killer because he dumped some of his victims in or along a river that runs through King County.“That’s how agonizing it was for our family, how demoralizing, how humiliating,” Gerry Slivinski said.During that time, photographer Kostreva organized a rally and collected more than 1,000 signatures for a petition requesting Slivinski’s reinstatement.