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Division: Regions The main objectives of the Section are to initiate, promote and facilitate the development of library and information services and the library profession within the five sub-regions of Asia and Oceania: West Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia and Oceania.

The Section works in cooperation with the other Regional Sections and all of IFLA's Sections and Core Activities, especially the Action for Development through Libraries Programme.

and so were mahy other Greek islands), or c) Proceeded to the next scheduled stop in Santorinini for an extra day there.

d) Have made arrangements ahead of time for the ship to have landed on the pier for direct access to the island without needing boats to transport passengers between the ship and land.

Although the aboriginal language(s) is the progenitor of all Polynesian languages. Also, my opinion is that Japan is much more Asian than it is Oceanic as well.

Continuing their odyssey eastward, the trade winds encounter another chain of volcanic peaks rising above the Pacific: Fiji.

For the purposes of this site, the Polynesian islands of Hawaii are not included.

Malaysian islands are also not included in this area, as they too are already included in Asia. What land does exist is either low lying coral atolls, providing no climbing opportunities, or so called high islands, which are nearly universally volcanic in origin. Most of these island nations are economically underdeveloped and land laws/rights can make accessibility an issue.

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Taiwan is ethnically, culturally, and literally Asian.

Through more than 250 compelling works ranging from shell, greenstone and ceramic ornaments, to huge canoes and dazzling house facades, we explore important themes of voyaging, place making, encounter and union.

The exhibition draws from rich historic ethnographic collections dating from the 18th century to the present, spanning treasures from the ancient past through to work by Lisa Reihana, a contemporary artist of Maori and British descent from New Zealand.

We are an independent charity led by eminent artists and architects—the Royal Academicians—and we pursue our mission through exhibitions, education and debate.

The year is 1768, and Britain is in the throes of the Age of Enlightenment.