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12 Jan

There is no scientific or medical evidence that supports that.The people against abortion outside yell that at women all the time."Some of the information I'm required to give you is designed to discourage you or to scare you about the decision you're making, so I'm going to tell you the things that I have to tell you by law, but I'm also going to tell you what in my best medical opinion is more important for you to know."In an almost priestly cadence, he builds a sermon around the word required.The first thing he's required by state law to explain is the possibility of complications. There could be a life-threatening hemorrhage or infection, or damage to the bowel, fallopian tubes, ovaries, or bladder.And that's what we're going to do." Many of these women come from hours away, one from a little town on the Kentucky border that's a seven-hour drive. They certainly don't know about the "come to Jesus" moment, as he pointedly describes it, when he decided to give up his fancy career to become an abortion provider.Or that, at fifty-one, having resigned a prestigious job as medical director of Planned Parenthood, he's preparing to move back south and take over a circuit roughly similar—for safety reasons, he won't be more specific—to the one traveled by Dr. The rest are absolutely still, sitting with straight backs, like good students or condemned prisoners. "Good morning," Parker begins, launching into a spiel he will repeat four times that day, "I am one of two doctors who travel to Mississippi to provide abortion care."This is because no doctor in Mississippi is willing to provide such a service.

Noel: There's a cat jabbing its claws into my leg; let's see if that helps my playing ability any! His authority is in his manner, warm but always scientific."There's some things that the state requires me to tell you," he begins."As you know," he continues, "there's been a lot of press recently about the efforts that the state is making to close this clinic. Just Monday, we were in New Orleans at the federal-court hearing.Right now we are waiting for them to rule on the changes in the law that would make us close. But the bottom line is today the clinic is still open, so we can provide care for you. They don't know that he grew up a few hours away in Birmingham, the second youngest son of a single mother who raised six children on food stamps and welfare, so poor that he taught himself to read by a kerosene lamp and went to the bathroom in an outhouse; that he was born again in his teenage years and did a stint as a boy preacher in Baptist churches; that he became the first black student-body president of a mostly white high school, went on to Harvard and a distinguished career as a college professor and obstetrician who delivered thousands of babies and refused to do abortions.