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07 Mar

While there was little explicit sex in literature, erotic love poetry was widespread in Ramesside times at least.

The terms 'brother' and 'sister' generally referred to one's beloved.

If this passage is translated correctly, then paedophilia was apparently not evil by itself.

That night the pharaoh lay down to rest by the shore of the lake. In the morning the pharaoh could not rise because of his great hang-over.

Children indulged as well, even if it was just the somewhat weak Egyptian beer.

Actually beer may have been safer for them than water or even milk which were often infected by germs.

These had to pursue their pleasure in their own home. In one tomb picture a woman is seen vomitting, in Pahery's tomb at el Kab a man is depicted saying Royalty did it too, at least in the eyes of a student learning how to draw: A drawing on limestone shows a New Kingdom king with what seems to be a six o'clock shadow, looking much the worse for wear.

Pharaoh wearing the Blue Crown His not having shaved may denote that he was in mourning.