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30 Dec

Pieces not sorted as a carrier route mailing must be prepared as a separate mailing at USPS Marketing Mail automation or Presorted prices or at single-piece First-Class Mail or Priority Mail prices.

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A bundle must be prepared when the quantity of addressed pieces for a required presort level reaches a minimum of 10 pieces.Bundles must be in equal quantities of up to 50 parcels per bundles, with quantities of other than 50 indicated on a bundle facing slip.Bundles of parcels must be either banded or shrinkwrapped, and bundles of parcels more than 8 ounces each must be banded and shrinkwrapped. Facing slips used on bundles of DALs must show the carrier route designation, the 5-digit destination ZIP Code, and the number of DALs for that carrier route.Facing slips used on bundles of Product Sample parcels must show the quantity in the bundle if less than 50 and this information: Letter mailings must be prepared in letter trays with sleeves.Flat mailings must be prepared in sacks except when permitted to be prepared in letter trays under other applicable standards in this section.