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26 Mar

I like how you make me feel useful as you warm them on my body.

I like your tiny ankles as I lift them up and put them over my shoulders when I fuck your naughty little pussy.

" Marlyn said "you can use any one of my holes any time you want." I asked "Is that all?

" Marlyn said "I know Jasmine will be a slut and beg you to fuck her nasty holes too but I will do anything you ask." I finally spelled it out as I could see Marlyn was about to have a full blown anxiety attack.

On the ride back I could tell Marlyn was getting ready to ask a question as she fidgeted even more than usual and kept looking at me then looking away and then back again although for a change she wasn't talking. " I said "No, she didn't trick me, I volunteered." Then she fidgeted some more and finally got it out "By do you like her, I mean do you think she's pretty? It somehow made me feel like she thought I would be unfaithful to her. So I played the game I always did but shouldn't "sure, she's very pretty, why do you ask? This made her fidget uncontrollably as she tried to formulate her next interrogation questions.

After a lot of hemming and hawing she asked "would you like to have sex with her?

I thought I should say something but how do you subtly and politely tell a girl her nipples are on display.

She is irresistible with a fantastic, slim body, voluptuous buns, a beautiful face with and a HUGE smile.

It was very warm and sunny but there was a nice breeze.

I tend to run warm so I was grateful for the airflow as I was wearing dress pants as this was a family event and I wanted to look nice for her.

So I said to Marlyn in a moment of truth "ask me anything you want." Marlyn actually seemed like she was waiting for the question "tell me why you like my body so much." I said "OK, let's start with your teeny little feet.

I really like the way you walk on my back after I've had a long day.